Self Raising Flour

Whether you're baking a delicious cake to enjoy with friends or a tasty meal for the whole family, White Wings has a range of products to ensure you the get the best result everytime.
  • Baking Packet Mixes
    Perfectly measured ingredients to produce a delicious baked treat that will delight every time - with less mess and fewer ingredients to store.
    Baking Packet Mixes
  • Flour
    From Plain and Self Raising flour to speciality flour including Organic and Gluten Free, White Wings has a flour to suit every cooking and baking need.
  • Dessert Packet Mixes and Pancakes
    Easy ways to start and finish your day - create a special breakfast for the family in minutes with our pancakes or add the finishing touch to your evening meal with our sumptuous dessert mixes.
    Dessert Packet Mixes and Pancakes
  • Baking Ingredients
    For a range of baking ingredients to make your cooking and baking quick, easy and tasty.
    Baking Ingredients
  • Milled from premium quality Australian wheat since 1898, White Wings provides you with the finest quality flour to help you achieve your best baking result.

    We use the heart of the wheat. The outer husk is removed, leaving the finest quality wheat flour. We leave the flour in its purest form (unbleached). It is then triple sifted to provide a smooth, silky texture and a finer flour to make your baking easier.

    White Wings Self Raising flour is perfect for baking cakes, muffins, biscuits, slices and desserts.

    Available in 1kg, 2kg, 5kg packs and 1.25kg canisters.

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    Self Raising Flour